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How much food do I need in order for this extreme hunger to stop?

Wouldn’t you feel so much more at ease if you would know how much food/time it would take for you to reach nutritional rehabilitation and get out of this energy deficit? ⁣

And wouldn’t you feel so much more at ease if you would know when your weight gain would stop?⁣

And wouldn’t you feel so much more at ease if you would know when this extreme hunger would stop?⁣

It’s all the “WHAT-IFS” that no-one has an answer to. This is part of leaning into the unknown, which scares the shit out of most people. ⁣

I was one of them. I remember saying to my mom “I would feel so much better if someone could just tell me when this shit show would stop. What if this will last forever? Where does it end?”⁣

Let’s be real, we don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow. That’s why it’s so important to live in the present. ⁣

The harsh truth is that we can be run over by a bus tomorrow. I know that’s pretty dark, but yeah, life’s pretty unpredictable in that way. ⁣

Look at the virus as an example. ⁣

Who saw that one coming? It impacted us for at least 2 to 3 years, mentally, physically, emotionally and financially. And we’re still not fully out of the woodwork. ⁣

I know it FEELS scary, but it’s way SCARIER to stay stagnant in your recovery.⁣

I want you to start leaning in, stop asking 1 million questions to people who don’t have the answer for you. Only your body knows. ⁣

Stop asking and start listening more to your body and what it needs. I know that feels foreign, because you’ve done the exact opposite for so long, but now is the time. ⁣

I see wat too many people asking so many individual/personalized questions to each other underneath these posts, and although I love that you’re all helping each other (keep hyping each other up), you can’t give individualized/customized support to someone who you don’t know.⁣

Plus their body has different needs than yours. ⁣

So let’s all lean in to the unknown.

I’m doing it with you, because I won’t lie. I’m scared for my upcoming Lyme treatments. But staying complacent/stagnant is also not a possibility in my books. ⁣

In any way. ⁣

Let’s get it. What’s the worst that can happen?

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