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The Recovery Bootcamp

5 weeks of intense coaching, including 4 sessions per week and daily WhatsApp support! In other words: everything you need for a flying (re)start of recovery!

€ 3600 in total

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The Mini Recovery Bootcamp

This shortened version of the Bootcamp takes four weeks and includes 3 sessions per week, alongside daily WhatsApp support, to really allow you to take those big steps! 

€1800 in total

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Booster Intensive

For those of you ready to start recovery and need some help staying focussed along the way.

€1000 per month

Program 2: Mini support

This program is a great one for people who just need that extra nudge into the right direction when they are stuck in recovery.

€300 per month

Danie van Kay.jpg
Danie van Kay.jpeg

Program 1: Premium support

This is for the individual who needs a bit more handholding, but doesn't need the intensity that the Recovery Bootcamp allows.

€600 per month

Danie van Kay, eating disorder recovery coach.jpeg

Single Boost Session

In this 60 minute session we'll literally talk about whatever you want

€129 per session

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