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Recovery bootcamp: mini edition

There’s usually a reason why you’re drawn to this page. So keep on reading. 

  • Do you feel stuck in your recovery? 

  • Do you feel like you need something more intense? 

  • Do you feel invalidated by the healthcare system? 

  • Do you feel misunderstood by friends and family? 

  • Do you want to get unstuck? 

Then this might be the program for you. Enter the Mini Bootcamp​.

I only take on two clients a month and will run this exclusively in the month of July and September!

What does the program look like?

Together we will work with a concrete plan so that you can take steps towards full recovery. And that is really possible, proven by other incredibly brave people I have guided. This Mini Bootcamp is a smaller version of the Recovery Bootcamp. Due to the success of that program, I decided to replicate a similar program for half of the price!

The mini Bootcamp goes as follows. The original Recovery Bootcamp is 5 calls a week, 5 days of WhatsApp support, 7 days of WhatsApp accountability, yet this Mini Bootcamp is 3 calls a week (except for Fridays), 5 days of WhatsApp support and 7 days of WhatsApp accountability. Which means you are covered for 7 days a week for €1500 (VAT included) instead of €3000 (the price of the original Bootcamp). You can pay in 4 installments, with a down payment of €375. That payment secures your spot to work with me individually. 

Do you want to start working together? Then I'll ask you to: 


  • know Tabitha Farrar and her vision;

  • stop weighing yourself;

  • stop moving, complete rest!

Fill in the contact form for a free 45 minutes discovery call to join this program. I'd love to kickstart your actual all-in, full recovery journey!

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Mika, 14 years, USA



I will get in touch!

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Tracy, 46 years, UK

I always thought that I could just slowly do little challenges and call it “recovery”. But with the bootcamp you really get that real push for steps into real recovery. Danie is so helpful when it comes to encouraging you to do what your eating disorder hates, it feels uncomfortable but trust me when I say that Danie will pick up on even the slightest “rules” and will work with you to face that fear head on. I’ve been in treatments and few times prior to starting the bootcamp and they have never been sustainable, but now coming out of this just one month I am feeling so much more confident towards recovery and have the tools to help if I ever do feel a relapse coming in the future. I would more than recommend joining, do it for your healthy self that wants to be recovered! 

Before I started the recovery bootcamp, I had been suffering from an eating disorder for over 25 years, I had been hospitalised once and then had several attempts at recovery, all of which failed. I relapsed every time. When I got in touch with Danie, things had become very difficult and I was struggling with food and compulsive movement. Danie’s support and clear plan was what I needed to help me start making changes. Danie was always compassionate, but honest and I felt truly heard and understood. It's been life changing for me and I honestly don't have the words to thank her enough. It has completely changed me as a person, I am less anxious, more relaxed & just nicer to be around. My brain is functioning again and I have time to explore hobbies and build relationships. 

Any more questions?

Just send me an email or DM on Instagram.

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