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Recovering with Danie

​In my weekly podcast, I cover eating disorder recovery-related topics and answer listeners' questions, while sprinkling in conversations on dating, intimacy, self-reflection, inner critic, having a chronic illness, navigating life in your 30s... basically anything that has to do with normal day to day life as a fully recovered eating disorder recovery coach! Whether you struggle with anorexia, bulimia, or something in between, I'd love to take you along on the road to full food freedom!



Danie van Kay

In this Dutch podcast, I cover various topics related to eating disorders, as well as answer listeners' questions. Topics I discuss on this podcast tend to also be discussed on my podcast Recovering with Danie, but this one is for everyone who prefers to listen to podcasts in Dutch!



The Recovery Club

In this (discontinued) podcast, my co-host Bobbie and I answered listeners' questions about extreme hunger, Dutch mental health care, recovery, and gave insight into what life is like once you're recovered!


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