Hi, my name is Danielle. I’m teaching people to become the authority of their own body by sorting out facts from distorted societal myths about health, weight, identity and diet culture. After years of endless therapy and being admitted in countless eating disorder clinics, I thankfully recovered from anorexia on my own after being sick for nearly 10 years. I'm also a chronic Lyme Disease sufferer, so I know what it means having to battle a mental & physical chronic invisible illness at the same time. 


I can proudly call myself the first licensed Dutch Body Positive Facilitator, I'm a licensed IIN Health Coach, I have a background in orthomoleculair nutrition and I'm an EDIT® Eating Disorder Intuitive Therapy Recovery Coach.

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I’m known for creating a unique template which has helped me in my own recovery and has worked wonders with my own clients. It’s very practical and goal oriented. Exactly like the way I work.

The intensity of the programs differs depending on the amount of support you’ll be receiving through our calls and whatsapp support.


I have this burning passion and desire to share every single thing that has helped me to get to the place I'm in today. I truly believe things happen for a reason. If it weren't for Lyme disease, if it weren't for the Anorexia and if it weren't for the constant despair, I wouldn't have be able to now help others.



Just because you're doing really well in recovery, doesn't mean you're not struggling once in a while and have the desire to talk to someone.

this single boost session is perfect for those who can't afford or don't want to commit to a program, but who would still like to talk to a professional in the eating disorder recovery field.

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