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Recovery bootcamp: going all-in

Are you seriously interested to change your life and move towards full recovery? Do you want to:

  • learn to eat without restrictions?

  • feel less fear about what, when and how much you eat?

  • enjoy going out with friends and family again?

  • stop compensating and learn to (enjoy to) rest?

Then sign in for a free intake below! 


There are spots available for October!

What does the program look like?

No topics are off limits in this 5 week recovery bootcamp. We focus on neural rewiring, implementing fearfoods on a daily basis and hopefully this 5 week recovery bootcamp is going to be a steppingstone for you to go all in. 

  • 50/60 minute calls, 4 times a week;

  • WhatsApp support and accountability to support you;

  • A customized individual plan for your recovery. I'm a licensed health coach, so I'm qualified to do so. It's not a meal plan, but more a way to get you out of your comfort zone;

  • You will get 2 FREE sessions after the bootcamp. You can decide when you want to use these sessions to talk about how the trajectory of your recovery is going.


  • You have to be aware of Tabitha Farrar and her vision.

  • No weighing!

  • Very limited exercise!

This program will cost €3000 (VAT included). This is only €150 per call and you will also get WhatsApp support/accountability. If you prefer to pay in 4 installments, that's a possibility. I will create a super customized individualized plan for you since I meet people where they are at. But get ready to get out of your comfort zone. Sign up for an intake today if you are seriously interested in changing your life and move towards full recovery. 

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Elli (24, Germany)



I will get in touch!

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Laressa (44, Germany)

Doing the bootcamp was the best decision in my life. The fact that you have a call EVERY day was really helpful. We worked on ED rules and fearfoods. My day was normally build around exercising and eating. And I am not gonna lie, going all-in this bootcamp was SO scary in the beginning. I blew up Danies phone multiple times a day, I have send her voicememo’s and text messages everytime I was struggling and this was so helpful. Danie always pushes you back in the right direction. If you consider doing the bootcamp, please do it! You will not regret it.

The big advantage of the bootcamp is the daily contact. With every other treatment I was very motivated after my weekly consultation to go for recovery, which after a few days subsided and the anxiety/eating disorder took over again. The intensity ensures that you can really take steps. In this way you experience that fears decrease and that certain thoughts even become neutral. The progress I've made and the challenges I've faced in this month I've never been able to do with a regular treatment. Me and my family are so grateful for what Danie has done.

  • Do I have to pay the entire amount at once?
    No, you can also pay in 4 installments. If you sign up in let’s say October and want to start the bootcamp in February, I’ll ask you to do a down payment.
  • Can I do the Recovery Bootcamp multiple times and what’s the follow up once it’s over?
    Absolutely! You can even do the Recovery Bootcamp in October and in August (for example) if you have that type of financial freedom. ⁣ My goal for you is to need me less and less, but I know that you most likely need to talk to someone every few weeks who’s specialized, so that’s what I’m here for. We all need someone to talk to. Once you’ve done the bootcamp, you’ll always be able to talk to me by choosing one of my other programs.
  • How do we keep contact with each other?
    I will call you via WhatsApp. I have been doing this for more than 4 years. Occasionally I do a call via Zoom, but in my experience, a call gives you the possibility to be in a comfy position. You do not have to worry to sit straight up in front of your camera. There are no distractions. You are free to chat with me via WhatsApp during the week and in the weekend. Read more about this in another question in this FAQ.
  • What if you need to cancel a call?
    No worries! We can postpone it to another date. You get your sessions no matter what.
  • What does the WhatsApp accountability look like?
    You can text me via WhatsApp on the weekends and throughout the entire week to hold yourself accountable. In this way, we are connected all the time. I will not answer in the weekend, but on Monday I will respond to your messages if necessary. You can ask or tell me anything. For example: ''I am with family right now and we are going to have lunch. Although my eating disorder is screaming at me that I should not have my moms cake, I am going to do it anyway. Because I made this commitment to myself. So I am just sending you this message to hold myself accountable.''
  • Is the bootcamp also for Dutchies?
    Yes, it is! I also speak Dutch, so the course can be given in Dutch. Ik spreek ook Nederlands, dus we kunnen de hele cursus ook in het Nederlands doen.
  • What if you are partly on holiday?
    Remember that it is just one call a day - so if you can step out for an hour and have a call with me, that would be great. Holidays are usually quite challenging when you have an eating disorder. If you really can not manage, we can postpone our call to another day.

Any more questions?

Just send me an email or DM on Instagram.

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