Feeling stuck? Do you just want to talk to someone who's been through recovery herself? Do you want answers to your questions? Did we work together in the past and do you just need to get your thoughts in order?

Are you having relapsing thoughts?

I created this single boost session for those who can't afford or want to commit to a program, but who would still like to talk to a professional in the eating disorder recovery field.


This program in the first place for old clients who feel like talking to their former coach once every few months, instead of committing to another program. Just because you're doing really well in recovery, doesn't mean you're not struggling once in a while and have the desire to talk to someone. There was a lot of demand from old clients for something like this, but a boosting session is also for people who just would like to try out one hour of coaching and see what that looks like.

Danie van Kay, eating disorder recovery coach.jpeg
Danie van Kay, eating disorder recovery coach.jpeg

More information about this session

1. Payment is in advance of the session.

2. The price of this program is €89. The price includes VAT/btw.

3. The duration of this single boost session is +-50 minutes.