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First things first: I’m Dutch, but I coach internationally and in my own language. So Dutch and English is both fine!

The template and baseline of every coaching program will be the same. However, everything will be customised according to your needs. We’re all individuals. The intensity of the programs differs depending on the amount of support you’ll be receiving through our calls and whatsapp support.


I’m known for creating a unique template which has helped me in my own recovery and has worked wonders with my own clients. It’s very practical and goal oriented. Exactly like the way I work. I’ll be able to explain more in an intake call, but the template of the way I work involves a traffic light system and we’ll work together on implementing a structured plan which won’t turn into something rigid.


We all know that meal-plans can become quite rigid with people with eating disorders. (it happened to me!) I actually encourage my clients to eat according to their mental and physical hunger and weight needs to be out of the equation as much as it can. I focus less on the weight and more about behavioural changes, rewiring disordered neural pathways and so much more.

Danie van Kay, eating disorder recovery coach.jpeg

Three requirements that I ask from my clients when in recovery from an eating disorder

1. Stop weighing (or weigh blind in case of medical supervision)

2. Keeping the exercise around a maximum of 30 minute of walking in the beginning

3. Commitment to recovery in general

Danie van Kay, eating disorder recovery coach.jpeg

More information about this program

1 call per week and 1 day of WhatsApp support from 9AM - 5PM.

The price of this program is €475 per month. The price includes VAT/btw.

You will have exclusive acces to my Instagram stories under "best friends". This is where I'll share daily assignments, motivational speeches and so much more.

Things we will cover

Weight restoration


OCD behaviours

Past trauma

Navigating meal-plans

CBT/DBT therapy

Anorexia athletica

Lower level movement

Binge eating

Mental hunger/extreme hunger Strengthening your HEALTHY self and weakening the ED self

Creating healthy coping skills

Exposure therapy/challenge fearfoods Ditching the scale

And so much more.....

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