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Recovery bootcamp:
the Instagram course

Are you struggling with an eating disorder? Are you stuck in quasi recovery? Or are you a mom, dad, sister of partner of someone with an eating disorder? Then this course is for you - with 15 modules (excluding bonuses)! Including: 

  • Eating without restrictions; 

  • Fear of gaining weight;

  • Movement & compensating; 

  • Rewiring your brain;

  • Binge eating; 

  • Fear foods;

  • Fear & guilt;

  • And many more..

What does the course look like?

After you've bought a ticket, I'll send you the link to the Instagram page. I'll give you acces. You'll see the modules one by one. Please take time to watch the modules. You'll also receive a handbook with assignments and more information. You can print it out and read it when you need to remind yourself of certain things that's been discussed. 

  • The course consists of 15 modules - no topics are off limit! 

  • You'll receive an e-book with assignments and texts - see it as a summary of the whole program.

  • You'll get acces as long as the course is offered (and that's at least a year!)

  • It's completely self paced, which means you can follow the course and to the assignments whenever, wherever.

  • You can sign in for a free moderated Facebook group (isn't obligated) where you are able to discuss things with me or other participants.

  • You'll get 6 EXTRA bonus videos with most frequently asked questions.

  • We're doing this together, so we are able to hold each other accountable.

  • It's a safe space for adults, children, parents, caretakers and everyone who wants to learn more about recovery.


  • No weighing!

  • Very limited exercise!

Buy a ticket and get ready to get out of your comfort zone. 


◦ Are there certain prerequisites for starting the course?

Not necessarily, but having the book of Tabitha Farrar (Rehabilitate, Rewire, Recover!) is highly recommended. Plus a notebook and determination! My goal for you is to actually implement all the things we talk about in the course

◦ Is there a money return policy?

Unfortunately no.

◦ Is it suitable for parents/partners?

Yes! You get a peek inside of how most eating disorders work, and you can also gift this course to someone who would benefit from this. 

◦ Can I pay through installments?

Unfortunately not. We try to keep this as affordable as possible. 

◦ What if my question is not answered?
We get a lot of questions on a daily basis. Just know that this course is not the same as 1:1 coaching. It could happen that your question is overlooked. I try my best to please the most people. 

◦ I’ve sent a DM and no one answered!

The DM on Instagram is not open for questions. You can ask questions in the moderated Facebook group. 

◦ Is it necessary to be in the Facebook group? 

No. But I would highly recommend applying to the Facebook group, since most of you will probably be able to help each other. Me and my virtual assistant will also reply to questions. Your friends and family won’t see you applied to this group. If you really want to stay completely anonymous, you can create a new Facebook page and apply.

◦ I have bought a ticket and applied to Instagram and Facebook, but I’m not being let in!

You will be excepted within 48 hours, but if it takes longer than that, send us a DM with: ''I’M NOT ACCEPTED!'' Including a screenshot of your order, your names (on Instagram and Facebook, sometimes they’re different) and we’ll accept you immediately!

Any more questions?

Just send me an email or DM on Instagram.

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