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Recovery bootcamp testimonials

(21 years)

Some of you probably have stumbled across the saying: “You should never meet your heroes”. Well, it couldn’t be more wrong in Danie’s case. Before I started the bootcamp, I've been following her for quite a while. I read through her website, completely blown away from all those awesome testimonials. I couldn’t disagree with any of them. It might seem repetitive but Danie really is this honest, kindhearted, relatable and funny person you see her being online. I’ve been inpatient and worked with many therapists over the years. However, working with Danie was fundamentally different. 


Danie is less distant but vulnerable herself. I felt safe and trust me when I say I've always had huge troubles with truly feeling welcomed in new surroundings. Regarding the bootcamp itself: for a long time now, I have been suffering not only from anorexia but from multiple mental health issues and I am not going to lie - it was hard. During the bootcamp I got hit by some strokes of fate. Ones triggering my ed in the most crucial ways and it hasn’t been easy. Thus, I might not be where I would want to be yet but trust me when I say: I would’ve been relapsed, hurting, and pitying myself since this very moment if I wouldn’t have been working with Danie. 

Life is hard sometimes. Things happen that cannot be anticipated and Danie fought with me. She held me accountable and told me over and over again how I - despite all tragedy - am responsibly for my own life. Responsible for my own recovery. I am still working on recovery and am beyond thankful for Danie’s support and ways of introducing me to new mindsets and ideas.


To put it in a nutshell: I can say with all confidence that whatever you are going through, no matter if it’s a hundred things at once: start somewhere. Your ed is most certainly holding you back and taking up so much space in your life, you could use in so many better ways… Give recovery (and Danie) a chance and I'm sure she will be able to support you finding that distinctness yourself.

(31 years)

Prior to working with Danie I was stuck in ‘quasi recovery.’ I had been in recovery for a few months and made just enough progress to feel stuck. I really questioned what I should do but decided to take the plunge and jump right into boot camp. I knew I needed something more.

The daily support I had in boot camp was life changing. This was just the type of accountability I needed! Someone to walk me through each day to help push me to where I needed to be. Trust me, if you put in the work and follow the process, you will see the pay off.

Without Danie’s daily help I’m not sure I would have EVER started to make the changes to push me out of quasi recovery. I was scared all the time, but she was always there to comfort me. With her help I have accomplished more than I ever imagined.

Besides the constant ED support, Danie is so lovely, relatable, hilarious and always made my day better after our session. If you’re questioning if bootcamp is for you, trust me, you don’t want to miss this opportunity to make the rest of your life better.

(22 years)

I've had an eating disorder for a long time and have had treatments for it in the past. I made progress, but all the steps I took were at the same time with still a lot of eating disorder rules. I thought I could do it on my own, but I got stuck in quasi recovery for a long time. A while ago I read Tabitha Farrar's book and totally agreed with her vision. I wanted to go 'all in' and recover 100% instead of 99%. But I was afraid to do it alone. I kept telling myself I was going to do it, but I didn't. When I read about the recovery bootcamp I immediately thought: this is my chance. In the past I already had a conversation with Danielle and I immediately had a good feeling about working with her. And I can honestly say that participating in the recovery bootcamp has been one of the best decisions I've ever made.

I achieved more in these 4 weeks in this bootcamp than in all the time I've been trying to recover. I'm not there yet, but I've already regained a great part of my freedom. People around me also noticed a difference. At home they said that they have noticed that I'm more relaxed and that they see me taking really big steps for the first time. I've noticed that I became more spontaneous and said yes to things that I was previously afraid to say yes to because of my eating disorder. Danielle really opened my eyes and made me realize that 100% recovery is possible. Due to the intensity of the bootcamp, I became extremely motivated and therefore actually took action. When the going got tough, I always got motivation and got pushed in the right direction. In case of stress or tension I could always text Daniëlle, which helped me enormously as a big stick behind the door. She is very understanding and I also felt supported by her in every conversation. Together with her, you determine the pace and the steps you want to take. She also confronts you because she understands very well when your eating disorder tries to come up with an excuse. This will take you out of your comfort zone. I have faced many challenges because of this and broken several eating rules. I would never have dared to take the steps I took thanks to the bootcamp without Daniëlle.

I'm not there yet, but Danielle gave me the confidence I needed. She has given me so many handles and insights. I am therefore very grateful. If you're in doubt: yes it's exciting, but it's really much less scary than you think and definitely worth it!

(40 years)

More than 6 months ago I started with the mini support at Danielle. I've had an eating disorder for over 20 years at that point. What once started as an innocent attempt to lose weight grew into a years-long battle with food. In those years I had not sat still and regularly sought help. I have tried all kinds of treatments in both the regular circuit and the alternative circuit. In many cases it helped for a while, but then I eventually fell back quickly. In my quest to find a "solution" to my eating disorder, I came across Tabitha Farrar's YouTube videos about 10 years ago. She has such a different vision than I had heard in the clinics for over 10 years. She described a vision and a method on how to get rid of your eating disorder. She gave words to the feeling I had for years and I finally understood why previous treatments never succeeded.

I immersed myself in her vision and noticed that in recent years her vision was also increasingly mentioned in the recovery community. However, it remained with reading a lot about her vision and following people on social media who put her vision into practice and thus recovered. In practice, I thought a lot about the "perfect" way to recover, but I didn't change my behavior.

I needed someone to stimulate me, challenge me and occasionally hold my hand. In September I had 3 weeks of vacation and this was the ideal time for me to start the bootcamp without the daily distraction of work. However, this was not an easy decision. I had many doubts and was afraid of failure. Am I going to spend "that much" money on my recovery again? What if it fails again? What if I don't dare to take the steps after this? What if this doesn't work either? In short, I was very afraid of failure and my eating disorder of losing ground. But what did I still have to lose? Besides the money? Did I want to spend my whole life eating and moving so that there was no room for the things that really made me happy? Did I want to look back on a life in which I had only been busy keeping my body in a certain shape and my life was otherwise empty? No, I didn't want that, I couldn't accept that. 

I decided to give myself a chance at a life without an eating disorder and I knew that if this was going to work out, Danielle was the person to help me with this. And so we got started. It was very nice to discuss my doubts and reflections daily with someone who understood. Everything was negotiable, she doesn't find anything strange and she understands you. I felt safe with her and that made me dare to share things with her. It also helped me a lot when I became aware of my eating disorder thought and therefore didn't want to do something, Danielle also inspires me enormously. How she recovered on her own and how she now enjoys life despite her physical limitations gives me confidence that you can achieve a lot in your life. But you have to work hard for that and take your own responsibility.

Without her I would never have jumped and I would never have come this far. I still have a way to go but I have confidence again that I will succeed and that there is also a beautiful life for me without an eating disorder. She made me realize that an eating disorder does not have to be chronic and that recovery is really possible. I already feel so much better and I notice that my life has become so much easier on many points. I can participate in dinner parties with friends again, I can say yes to a piece of cake and I have so much more peace. If you have the opportunity to do this bootcamp, do it. Take the plunge and start the experiment! What do you still have to lose?

(30 years)

After fighting an unbearable battle with anorexia for 5 years, I suddenly threatened to lose everything I had achieved in my life so far. My 7 year relationship with the man of my life with whom I bought my dream house last year, collapsed under the pressure of that horrible eating disorder. My boyfriend didn't want an eating disorder in his life anymore. And I couldn't even blame him, in fact, if I could run away from her, I would shoot like an arrow from a bow, so I could even understand him somehow.


I was determined: the eating disorder is destroying everything, destroying me, and I had no choice but to go for recovery. It was no longer a question of wanting, but of having to. After all, I had been very motivated to recover for five years and I had actually gained weight a number of times to the weight that my treatment team had determined for me. But every time I had a relapse. Why could I never sustain that recovery? 

I found the answer to this question thanks to Danielle. You don't come to full recovery by arriving at a number that was determined by something / someone other than your own body. Your body knows best. In the clinic everyone has to gain the same BMI and once you have reached that, you can reduce again… The fear of “gaining too much weight” was simply confirmed by so-called “experts”. So I didn't dare to start recovery for a long time because I was afraid that I would lose control over eating and weight - which I had mastered for so long - if I gave in to my physical (and mental!) hunger in order not to eat. being able to stop eating when I had reached that BMI and I would have to start cutting back.

Danielle taught me that no one but my own body can determine my healthy weight. She taught me that recovery lies in overcoming fears, in challenging eating rules, in feeling uncomfortable. And not once a week, but if possible once every 2 hours. Repetition is key.

Your healthy weight is the weight that fits a free head. She taught me to keep listening to my mental and physical hunger and allow the weight gain process to continue until my body stops asking for so much food because it is happy, comfortable, functioning at its best.  I was often angry with myself for knowing it all damn well, yet not being able to change my behavior. When I told Danielle that, she said, "You can do it, Laure, you just don't." And she was right.


Danielle is the first and only one who was able to give me new insights, as if she knows what eating rules the eating disorder has imposed on me. She gives the right weapons to finally win the battle once and for all. Because of her own experience - and because she is such an incredibly intelligent woman - you can't fool her, or better: she has outsmarted your eating disorder. 

I was extremely scared to sign up for the bootcamp, for thousand reasons. But I have not regretted it at all. She has given me tools for a lifetime. Thanks Danie, for opening the door for me to full recovery. I promise you I'm leaving my eating disorder with my head held high. You made me believe in my own strength again and you taught me to be proud of the things my eating disorder makes me feel guilty about. And for that I am eternally grateful to you today, tomorrow and every day that I am one step closer to full recovery.

(14 years)

The bootcamp is a great way for anyone stuck in quasi recovery (half recovery, half living). I always thought that I could just slowly do little challenges here and there and call it “recovery”. But with the bootcamp you really get that real push for steps into real recovery. When thinking about joining the program you have to be determined and willing, no messing around and playing games with your eating disorder, you have to be ready to stay strong and fight, you have to have your eye on the prize (recovery) and be ready to do something new and challenging each and every day. Danie is so helpful when it comes to encouraging you to do what your eating disorder hates, it feels uncomfortable but trust me when I say that Danie will pick up on even the slightest “rules” and will work with you to face that fear head on.


I’ve been in treatments and few times prior to starting the bootcamp and they have never been sustainable, but now coming out of this just one month I am feeling so much more confident towards recovery and have the tools to help if I ever do feel a relapse coming in the future. No, after this month you won’t be fully recovered, but I can almost assure you that if you stick to what Danie teaches you in the month, and continue with the advice she’ll give you, then you will be on your way to a full, happy, recovered life. One thing I’d recommend before joining is to be familiar with Danies approach and views towards recovery (all-in, same as Tabitha Farrars point of view) with this knowledge before hand you will be so much more ready, comfortable, and know what to do and understand the terms while Danie tries to help and explain things to you. Seeing other people’s ways of “recovery” has never sounded like it would ever work for me, but after I heard of what Danie does, it really stood out to me and knew deep down, as much as my eating disorder hated it, I had to join in on the bootcamp. If you have that feeling too then I would more than recommend joining, do it for your healthy self that wants to be recovered!

(24 years)

Where I live you're told that full recovery is managing to keep your weight in a "healthy BMI range " and not let the mental chaos disturb your day to day life. For 10 years that's how I lived and was stuck in what you call 'quasi recovery.' The false safety zone. When I found Dani and read Tabitha's famous book, my whole perspective changed. I refused to believe that true recovery is just "managing not to go crazy and somehow survive." Dani showed me a whole new world and what being recovered truly means. In a couple of weeks my life changed so much that 90% of my day is occupied by normal human things and I don't even catch myself thinking about ED at all. I make decisions which are the best for me and not because an internal voice tells me otherwise. I have all the tools now to get to a true and real recovery because Dani helped me to understand the biological aspects of the eating disorder and make sense of all these things and thoughts I couldn't understand which were happening so automatically and I could see were harmful however I did not know how to stop them. Only few more steps and a little bit of time and I believe I'll get there.

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