Oh hey. Long time no speak! Before I'm going to hit PUBLISH, I need to warn you. I'm really tired and hungover. So don't be surprised that this blog might have turned into the most non-cohesive "story" I've ever posted.

First of all: I've been MIA for way too long. I know, I know.... I do have a legitimate reason though. I wisely started the birth control pill about a month ago and that caused my body to go OUT OF CONTROL.

I don't know why I totally ignored the fact that I had all the science and personal experience to back up the fact why, as a lymie and as someone who has a compromised immune system, I should have NEVER started the birth control in the first place.

To make a long story short: I had daily migraines, the worst depression (honestly like someone died), extreme exhaustion and the worst bloating of my life.

The migraines were so debilitating that I decided to quit this bullshit after two weeks. Especially after reading the book "Beyond the Pill" of dr. Jolene Brighten I knew I had to stop.

After I quit the pill, I felt my body was depleted of nutrients and filled with toxins and heavy metals due to all the medication I took for the migraines and added hormones.

I don't know if other #chronichealthwarriors have the same thing, but I just know whenever something is out of balance. So I stocked up on lots and lots of supplements and tried to eat as nutritious as possible, aka eating all the veggies, which meant re-introducing FODMAPS.

This pleasantly ensued major bloating. I've said it again and again, just because something is "healthy" and "nutrititious" doesn't mean it's healthy for YOU.

Sometimes when we suffer from major digestive upset and compromised digestive issues, it's best to take it easy on the fiber and literally listen to your gut what feels right. Sometimes that actually means eating more "processed" foods. I'm not saying you have to live off of donuts and take-out, but eating more white rice, potatoes, water rich veggies, fruits and fun foods like cookies and crisps can be a little easier on the gut.

So to recap: I regretted taking the pill like nothing else, I'm finally feeling more like myself, eating more FODMAPS has caused major bloating and I'm recommending the book "beyond the pill" like it's an endorsement deal. Which obviously it isn't. #agirlcanonlydream

To wrap up this most insane bundle of information, I need to talk about WINE. Or alcohol for that matter.

It seems a little bit controversial to drink alcohol while simultaneously also have Lyme disease. I feel like I'm honestly the only person in the world who partakes in drinking alcoholic beverages while at the same time I talk about healing lyme and a compromised immune system.

Here's the thing. Not drinking for 7 years was mainly fuelled by my eating disordered thoughts (drinking alcohol meant taking in more calories + gain more weight + get tipsy + losing control) which isn't all the truth FYI. This is what your eating disorder tells you.

Add lyme disease in there and you've got the perfect storm not to drink for the rest of your life. I was trapped in the "healing diet" mentality and I couldn't eat of drink anything that was "processed", "inflammatory" or "unhealthy" without the most intense guilt afterwards. So basically I lived like a hermit who ate her vegetables, didn't drink and popped supplements like they were candy. SO MUCH FUN. Ai, how times have changed.....

I'm not saying you need to start drinking when you're chronically ill OBVIOUSLY, but it's extremely healthy to let go a little and be able to listen to your body. Your parasympathetic nervous system, aka the rest & digest system, will thank you. Letting go is crucial. Especially if you deal with both a chronic illness AND eating disorder behaviours. (if you want to talk about his topic one on one, book a free session online)

I know many of you can't drink alcohol without some intense physical histamine like and neurological consequences, so I also know I'm lucky that I'm able to down a couple of drinks and be fine.

So there you have it. This blogpost has been all over the place, but I hope you got at least something out if it.

If you want to reach out to me and talk about healing diets, eating disorders, lyme, digestive issues, bloating, dating, periods, hormones.....YOU NAME IT. Nothing is off limits: send me an email at or hit me up on instagram.

See you later! Xoxo

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