Q&A pt. 1

often get questions on my instagram, so I thought I just make a compiled post of all your questions.

1. How did you get to your stage of recovery? What treatments etc?

The person who asked this has Lyme disease, so I'm assuming she asks about my lyme and not eating disorder. I did SO MUCH. Mainly herbal protocols, auto-immune diets, restricted lots and lots of food groups..... the list goes on. I recently did a month of antibiotic IV treatment under the care of Prof. Meirleir in Brussels and I'm now following up with a herbal protocol also under his care. To be honest: nothing really changed. So I'm sorry this isn't a great answer, but I WISH something helped! I do have to say that I noticed a HUGE difference in eye pain (it was insanely bad three years ago) when I did bio-resonantie. I have a great lady in Holland.

2. What is a flare-up?

A classic sign of auto-immune disease is inflammation. A flare-up is basically worsening of your symptoms. For me personally a flare-up means worsening in overall muscle pain/inflammation.This leads to migraines, but mainly pain in my eyes, jaw and my legs and overall exhaustion. These are the parts where lyme has affected me the most.

3. How did you get "better" from lyme?

I didn't get better yet, because I have a pretty long road ahead of me with having had Lyme for over 20 years. But like I said; bio-resonantie really did help.

4. what is your current favourite TV serie?

Currently....... dun dun dun dun...... eye roll moment........ LOVE ISLAND. Guilty as charged!

5. Why are you dating?

Because I still hope there's a guy out there who accepts me for me. And I also like to date to meet new people, pick the male brain (holy moly; it's a mess up there. ;) #kiddingnotkidding) and just be social and have a laugh when the chemistry isn't there. It has also been huge for getting out of my comfort zone and my personal development. But I could write a book by now about all the intriguing online dating experiences I've had...... LOL.

6. Did you increase your calories when you decided to start recovery or did you increase slowly?

When I decided to take on recovery on my own, I slowly increased my intake every single day. This is very individually based and I think this depends on your current health status, mindset and overall wellbeing. I didn't track my calories, but I did increase my portion sizes every single day and implemented one "fearfood" per day as well. This would mean a handfull of nuts would become two handfuls, then to a cup. First start out with two slices of bread, then add another one, some extra toppings, etc etc. The list goes on. Like I said: there's no "one size fits all" approach to eating disorder recovery and if you would like to have more info; book a free online consultation with me to see if I can help you further along in your recovery.

7. How did you get your period back?

Eat. A. Lot. Of. Food. All jokes aside; there's not much else you can do (regardless of whatever weight you're at) to eat as much food as you can and REST. Rest is highly underrated, but when your body is in a fight-or-flight modus it has better things to do like PROTECTING YOU FROM BEING ATTACKED BY A WILD ANIMAL.

If you haven't had your period in a while; try to play around with your macros (add some more carbs, fats, proteins) especially carbs and fats are crucial and try to cut out or limit your exercise drastically. They used to put women who had trouble conceiving a baby on an "ice cream" diet in order to get enough fats in. There you go!

8. Do you still have a lot to bloating?

Yes, unfortunately I do. Some weeks are fine, depending on my energy, stress levels and food intake. Overall its been pretty OK, except for the week leading up to my period. My bloating gets INSANE. I don't restrict any gluten or dairy anymore and strangely enough, it hasn't made my bloating worse. I do notice a difference when I eat a high FODMAP diet. Since I've been diagnosed with SIBO this makes total sense, but considering my mental health: I'm not too strict on myself, which has been the most liberating thing IN MY LIFE.

9. What is the most common side effect of Lyme and what are you experiencing the most?

You should really google Lyme disease and you shall be surprised...... With me it's mainly muscle aches, eye pain, jaw pain and exhaustion.

10. Did the month of antibiotic IV treatment work?

I wish I knew! I haven't noticed any side effects or benefits so far..... will be continued.

11. Can you overcome an eating disorder without any help?

I think any help is usually beneficial in recovery. It all depends on the extend and stage of your eating disorder. Sometimes a hospital admission or an eating disorder clinic can change your life. Speaking from experience; I did it on my own three years ago, but in hindsight I could've benefited from some therapy or coaching. I did have many years of experience with eating disorder clinics, hospital admissions and therapy which for me at the time didn't help. It all depends on the person, but I definitely think it's possible if you are fully committed and have a great support system.

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