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I’m teaching people to become the authority of their own body by sorting out facts from distorted societal myths about health, weight, identity and diet culture. After years of endless therapy and being admitted in countless eating disorder clinics, I thankfully recovered from anorexia on my own after being sick for nearly 10 years. I'm also a chronic Lyme Disease sufferer, so I know what it means having to battle a mental & physical chronic invisible illness at the same time. 


I can proudly call myself the first licensed Dutch Body Positive Facilitator, I'm a licensed IIN Health Coach, I have a background in orthomoleculair nutrition and I'm an EDIT® Eating Disorder Intuitive Therapy Recovery Coach.

Some interesting facts: I'm a Dutchie, born in 1990, who's been living on a houseboat in Amsterdam for about 15 years. I've been coaching clients from all over the world since 2017 and my focus has always been coaching internationally. However, considering Dutch is my native language, I've been coaching more and more fellow Dutchies. If you've ever heard of Tabitha Farrar, Caroline Dooner, Carolyn Costin or Christy Harrisson: I have the same principles and vision as they have. 

Mainstream eating disorder treatments/therapists/dietitians usually don't adopt the famine-, migration- reponse, mental hunger, extreme hunger, feast eating and Health At Every Size, theory. Most people with an eating disorder will know what I'm talking about and if not, I'd advice you to research those topics. 

So, if you're reading this and this sounds like music to your ears: let's schedule a free intake session and possibly work together! Also check out my affordable (€29,95) Dutch and English Instagram courses. You can find more information on this website and/or my instagram @daniellevankay. 


Theo Pistorius

"if you don't step out of your comfort zone and face your fears, the number of situations that make you uncomfortable will keep growing"

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