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Recovery bootcamp: mini edition

There’s usually a reason why you’re drawn to this page. So keep on reading. 

  • Do you feel stuck in your recovery? 

  • Do you feel like you need something more intense? 

  • Do you feel invalidated by the healthcare system? 

  • Do you feel misunderstood by friends and family? 

  • Do you want to get unstuck? 

Then this might be the program for you. Enter the Mini Bootcamp​.

I only take on two clients a month and will run this exclusively in the month of July and September! July = fully booked!

What does the program look like?

Together we will work with a concrete plan so that you can take steps towards full recovery. And that is really possible, proven by other incredibly brave people I have guided. This Mini Bootcamp is a smaller version of the Recovery Bootcamp. Due to the success of that program, I decided to replicate a similar program for half of the price!

The mini Bootcamp goes as follows. The original Recovery Bootcamp is 5 calls a week, 5 days of WhatsApp support, 7 days of WhatsApp accountability, yet this Mini Bootcamp is 3 calls a week (except for Fridays), 5 days of WhatsApp support and 7 days of WhatsApp accountability. Which means you are covered for 7 days a week for €1500 (VAT included) instead of €3000 (the price of the original Bootcamp). You can pay in 4 installments, with a down payment of €375. That payment secures your spot to work with me individually. 

Do you want to start working together? Then I'll ask you to: 


  • know Tabitha Farrar and her vision;

  • stop weighing yourself;

  • stop moving, complete rest!

Fill in the contact form for a free 45 minutes discovery call to join this program. I'd love to kickstart your actual all-in, full recovery journey!



I will get in touch!

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Nathalie, 31, Belgium

I can't believe what has happened to me in the past 4 weeks, how many fears I have overcome, and how incredibly proud I am that I stopped compensating (binge/purge) from day 1 of the mini bootcamp. My story goes back 11 years, 11 years of restriction, counting calories, obsessively exercising, and especially engaging in almost daily binge-purge behavior in the evenings. I was exhausted, both physically and mentally. Next year, I will start my dream job, which will demand a lot from me intellectually and also physically due to long working hours. When I heard that food is often ordered in the evenings, I panicked completely. I would never be able to do this job if the Eating Disorder (ED) didn't go away. So there was only one choice, recovery. Danie was my last refuge. I had tried so much already, but when dietitians told me to force myself to allow and eat everything without understanding why, I always ended up relapsing because that was "comfortable". And under the influence of diet culture, I didn't even realize that everything I was trying was essentially diets, which were supposedly a healthy lifestyle and therefore perfectly okay to follow for a lifetime, even though my mental hunger only grew bigger, leading to my binge-purge behavior and my OCD eating rules (because I had to follow the diet perfectly) becoming even worse. I was terrified to start the journey with Danie, and especially stopping running seemed impossible to me. But from day 1, I felt the relief of finally being allowed to rest, I felt how exhausted my body was. And that's also what Danie told me, my body was going to tell me what it needed. So for the first time, I dared to give in to my physical and mental hunger without guilt, without thinking that "everything was ruined," and therefore without needing to compensate later in the bathroom. That is the greatest liberation of my life! I could never have done this without Danie's help, the accountability, and the understanding that there would be feasts ahead, but that this is very normal. She helped me to stay motivated to go through the discomfort without compensating. I felt so empowered! And that also gave me the strength to face my fear foods, which ultimately turned out to be much less serious than they had seemed in my head for years! I went all in from day 1, and I can only recommend that to you! Make the most of those 4 weeks to reprogram your brain. Danie is an incredible support who says just the right things to repeat to yourself in difficult moments, so that you always have that motivation to keep going. And the harder you go, the easier it gets. I really never thought that I could feel so much more energy, freedom in my mind, liberation from counting calories, better concentration, and a focus on enjoying social events instead of fearing the food in just 4 weeks. From my experience, especially with bulimia, I would recommend this program to anyone struggling with it! I was so incredibly stuck in it for years and never thought it was possible to get out of it, but I did it and I can honestly say that this achievement is the greatest victory of my life, for which I am forever grateful to Danie. (Literally crying now, so grateful). There are still some challenges ahead of me, but now that I have overcome this, I know that the path to full recovery is only a matter of time. I would like to conclude with the right words to express my joy, pride, and appreciation for Danie, as a coach and as a person (I will really miss her as a friend too), but they don't exist. It's indescribable what she has given me and made me do, it genuinely brings tears to my eyes. Please, if you're struggling, join the program, it's the most beautiful and best experience of your life!

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Elin, 17, Germany

Having Danie as a coach has been a literal game changer: It's like a "getting out of jail free card" but in real life! I did the mini bootcamp and it honestly changed my life! Within the first week I started eating my fear foods and stopped ED behaviors, all with the amazing backup and support of Danie. Having been there herself, Danie didn't put up with any kind of eating disorder crap and always held me accountable, when my ED tried to creep in. Was it hard? Yes. Did I feel guilty sometimes? Absolutely. Did my eating disorder hate it? You bet! But I'm committed to recovery and by doing a coaching with Danie, I decided to not listen to my eating disorder anymore! Not only did I challenge myself with doing (and eating) the things I was so scared of, I turned fear foods into safe foods and broke ED rules like there is no tomorrow! When my ED threw a fit, Danie was right there holding my hand and reassuring me that I´m doing the right thing. After almost losing hope for recovery, because of bad treatment, Danie gave me back that hope and strength that I can and will do it! Never in all the time I had an eating disorder have I felt so understood and seen by a person as by Danie. I looked and still look forward to every session, cause every call feels like a kick further into a recovered life! I still have a way to go, but with Danie as my coach I know that one day I will be recovered and completely free from my ED! To anybody thinking about doing a program with Danie, DO IT!! That woman is literally like a fairy godmother of recovery! Sometimes all I need is a loving kick in the butt and one thing is for sure: Danie is ready to kick! With Danies amazing help and support, I truly believe that I am going to do it. I AM GOING TO RECOVER! Thank you so much Danie, you are amazing!


  • Do I have to pay the entire amount at once?
    No, you can also pay in 4 installments. If you sign up in let’s say October and want to start the bootcamp in February, I’ll ask you to do a down payment.
  • Can I do the Recovery Bootcamp multiple times and what’s the follow up once it’s over?
    Absolutely! You can even do the Recovery Bootcamp in October and in August (for example) if you have that type of financial freedom. ⁣ My goal for you is to need me less and less, but I know that you most likely need to talk to someone every few weeks who’s specialized, so that’s what I’m here for. We all need someone to talk to. Once you’ve done the bootcamp, you’ll always be able to talk to me by choosing one of my other programs.
  • How do we keep contact with each other?
    I will call you via WhatsApp. I have been doing this for more than 4 years. Occasionally I do a call via Zoom, but in my experience, a call gives you the possibility to be in a comfy position. You do not have to worry to sit straight up in front of your camera. There are no distractions. You are free to chat with me via WhatsApp during the week and in the weekend. Read more about this in another question in this FAQ.
  • What if you need to cancel a call?
    No worries! We can postpone it to another date. You get your sessions no matter what.
  • What does the WhatsApp accountability look like?
    You can text me via WhatsApp on the weekends and throughout the entire week to hold yourself accountable. In this way, we are connected all the time. I will not answer in the weekend, but on Monday I will respond to your messages if necessary. You can ask or tell me anything. For example: ''I am with family right now and we are going to have lunch. Although my eating disorder is screaming at me that I should not have my moms cake, I am going to do it anyway. Because I made this commitment to myself. So I am just sending you this message to hold myself accountable.''
  • Is the bootcamp also for Dutchies?
    Yes, it is! I also speak Dutch, so the course can be given in Dutch. Ik spreek ook Nederlands, dus we kunnen de hele cursus ook in het Nederlands doen.
  • What if you are partly on holiday?
    Remember that it is just one call a day - so if you can step out for an hour and have a call with me, that would be great. Holidays are usually quite challenging when you have an eating disorder. If you really can not manage, we can postpone our call to another day.

Any more questions?

Just send me an email or DM on Instagram.

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